Clinic Director, Alison Rose and the team at CSPC physiotherapy, Leeds, aim to return you to your best quickly, allowing you to live your life pain-free and achieve your goals


"My experience at CSPC Physiotherapy is one of excellence. The staff are particularly knowledgeable, friendly and extremely capable of providing outstanding services and care, which in my case has proved to be life changing." August, 2019

"The physiotherapists that treated me at CSPC sorted my problematic back once and for all, after years of agony and various invasive treatments. They thoroughly and professionally assess you from the moment you walk in and work with you and around your lifestyle to get to right solution for you. I cannot recommend them highly enough." August, 2019

"Over the years I have worked with a number of the physios at CSPC, I have found them to be up to date with their thinking and treatments, willing to share their knowledge with one and other and clients. I always recommend CSPC to friends and clients. They have helped hold body and soul together, thank you."

"I’ve been coming to CSPC for both Pilates classes and personal physiotherapy. Combining the two has greatly improved my flexibility, stiffness and aided my injury recovery. I’m a big believer that regular physiotherapy sessions has a massive benefit to my ongoing exercise programme and most definitely helps me with the prevention rather than cure theory." Nicky Young, 2019

"I can not recommend CSPC enough. They have helped me achieve my goals by offering not only expert physiotherapy but guidance and advice on how to improve my running style. Last January I participated in Alison's Learn to Run course and I was quite hesitant about what to expect. However, it proved to be invaluable and she made it fun whilst insisting on giving your best. It gave me the confidence to run the London Marathon in unprecedented heat and helped me through those dark winter months of training when the country was in the grip of the Beast from the East. It doesn't matter whether you are an elite athlete or just a rooky runner, like myself, the care you are given is outstanding. Many grateful thanks to all the staff at CSPC." Julia Geddes, 2018

"I first came to CSPC in May 2014, slightly embarrassed, a 56 year old with a 4 week old hip replacement! Not exactly an ‘elite’ athlete…. Would they really want to help me achieve my goal? I wanted to climb Snowdon 8 weeks after the operation! No problem. I worked with Amanda for the next four weeks and she got me up there, much to the amazement of my surgeon!" Caroline Ravens, 2018

“A week before my brown belt grading in Jiu Jitsu, I twisted my knee while training.  I was gutted and was limping quite badly.  I was certain that I wouldn’t be able to grade.  I’d limped off the mat unable to roll or perform any throws etc.  I managed to get an emergency appointment with Jenny at CSPC who was able to work out what I’d done very quickly.  She spent my appointment treating the area and then giving me exercises to do daily.  She was extremely confident I’d be able to grade 5-6 days later which thanks to Jenny, I did – and passed.  I’ve also been back recently for a shoulder injury and am being looked after fantastically by Wes – which is also helping me not miss any martial arts training.  I cannot recommend CSPC enough in terms of their training, approach, ethos and professionalism.  Having visited other physios in the past, these guys are the best of the best!"  Paul, 2018 

"Everyone is totally professional and treat the whole person !!! Several members of my family have been recipients of fantastic treatment at the clinic…. with life changing results ! ( no exaggeration) . So much is achieved during each hour long treatment. No stone is left unturned." Cathryn Miller, 2018

"I have been so impressed with Alison’s knowledge and expertise. Rather than homing in on the area of symptoms Alison has addressed the multiple issues I have with advice on stretching, mobilising and strengthening exercises and with effective (if somewhat uncomfortable!) hands on treatment." Helen Burrell, 2018

"Dear Claire, thanks for physio, it did the trick. Since my 3rd session on Tuesday last week, I have done the Harewood Estate circular walk these times, non-stop each time. This morning I found that I could jog part of the way. It’s wonderful to feel fully mobile again, many, many thanks." John Sturges, 2018

"All prospective clients need to know is this: What the CSPC team can do is nothing short of miraculous! It wasn’t long at all before my sense of feeling, balance, and running were all improving and then a breakthrough came with my running times suddenly dropping and with that the ability to run injury free on a sustainable basis at levels over 40 miles per week, and 10K times down to 7 min mile pace."

Treatment & Specialities


One hour appointments to find the root cause of your problem and an individualised treatment plan to get you back to your best as quickly as possible

Soft Tissue Therapy

Our Soft Tissue Therapists use a number of techniques including sports massage to help prevent and resolve many aches and pains

Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment. We welcome physio or GP referrals for shockwave therapy at the clinic

Runner’s full body MOT with running technique assessment

We are experienced in treating runner's & have a keen eye when it comes to improving running technique, to help prevent injury & keep you running

CSPC Cyclist Services

Our qualified Bike Fitters are also experienced physiotherapists, which gives them an excellent understanding of how the body moves and the demands on it when cycling

Strength and Conditioning

CSPC physiotherapist Neil Smitherman is a qualified S&C instructor experienced in setting exercise programmes, tailored to an individual’s needs 

Maternity wellbeing

Our physiotherapists are experienced in treating pre and postnatally. We are also recognised by the Pelvic Girdle Pain partnership as recommended practitioners

Taping for cancer patient pain relief

CSPC physiotherapists are experienced in treating cancer patients and helping to relieve pain and discomfort by using different taping techniques

Osteitits Pubis & Groin Pain

CSPC physiotherapists are experienced in treating Osteititis Pubis and groin pain, returning you back to your best and pain free

Just Ask CSPC physiotherapy

Have a chat with a CSPC physiotherapist during a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your pain or injury concerns


Hannah Watkinson, a specialist in the foot and lower limb, holds monthly clinics at CSPC physiotherapy and is a biomechanical podiatrist

Meet the team

Elite level physiotherapy for all

Clinic director Alison Rose and team are credited with treating a number of elite athletes who have competed at the highest level in their sport. This experience has shaped the treatment philosophy at CSPC Physiotherapy and all members of the team take pride in using their skills and expertise, shaped from their experience in the treatment of elite athletes, to deliver life-improving results for all our clients – whatever your walk of life, we want you to be your best.

Constantly challenging ourselves to be the best

We are dedicated to continually training, challenging and developing ourselves to ensure we are at the leading edge of our profession and able to offer the very best in physiotherapy care. The best practices are constantly evolving and Alison leads the internal training at the clinic, working with the team, in small groups and individually and external training is organised on a regular basis for the whole team at CSPC to ensure we never stop learning.

Clinic director Alison Rose

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Jenny Birch

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Wesley Davidson

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Candice Milner

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Neil Smitherman

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Ian Mitchell

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Julianna Richardson

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Hannah Watkinson

BSc (Hons) Podiatry, MCHS, HPC registered