be strong with CSPC physiotherapy

At CSPC physiotherapy it is our aim to get you back to your best as quickly as possible, returning you to your chosen sport or activity by rehabilitating you back to strength whilst helping prevent injury reoccurrence.

We also recognise that some of you want to get stronger in order to perform better in your sport, to get fitter or to maintain strength as you get older so you can continue to do the things you love. Whatever your reason for wanting to get stronger, we can help!

CSPC physiotherapist Neil Smitherman is a qualified strength and conditioning (S&C) instructor experienced in setting exercise programmes, tailored to an individual’s needs.

During the S&C session in our equipped gym at the clinic, Neil will discuss your goals and what you want to get out of the session. He will then work with you to assess your current strength, and then set, demonstrate and practice with you relevant exercises to include in your training programme.

Neil will also be able to advise during the session whether you need any hands on treatment with a physiotherapist or soft tissue therapist to work on any areas that are tight or restricted and holding you back.


If a previous injury is not rehabilitated back to full strength in a functional way, there is an increased risk of injury reoccurrence. Neil will work to get you back to your chosen sport or activity as quickly as possible, setting exercises that will rehabilitate the injured area. If you require surgery, Neil can make sure you are at your best prior to your operation and post op, to get you back to your best as quickly as possible.

– Set you pre/post operation exercise programme

– Make sure you are performing exercises correctly

– Progress exercises as your strength develops

– Advise on a ‘return to sport’ programme


Neil can work with you and your coach, if you have one, to set a programme that works alongside your training to help improve performance and prevent injury.

– Work with you/your coach to set an individualised strength and conditioning programme

– Set a programme that you can do around your current training load

– Set exercises specific to your sport

– Develop strength to help prevent injury

Fitness and Health

As we get older we lose muscle mass and strength if we do not do the correct exercises to maintain or develop strength. Resistance or strength training has been found to maintain muscle mass as we age. Neil will assess your current level of strength and set exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home or gym if you prefer.

– Set an exercise programme at a level you are comfortable with to develop or maintain strength

– Develop strength to help prevent muscle or bone injuries and further loss of muscle mass

– Improve your balance to prevent falls

– Reduce body fat and develop better muscle tone

– Help you to live a healthier lifestyle

To book your one hour strength and conditioning session with Neil at the clinic, please call a member of our admin team.

1 hour S&C session – £71