CSPC Full Body MOTs

Whether you are a Runner, a Cyclist, CrossFit athlete or someone who wants to get the best out of their body, CSPC offer a 90-minute Full Body MOT service.

The appointment allows the physiotherapist enough time to assess your strength, flexibility, stability, proprioception, biomechanics, breathing, functional movement and your technique (whatever that may entail for your sport). The service also includes a detailed report with a personal program to address areas of weakness and imbalance and advice on improving technique.

The CSPC Full Body MOT will address the following and more:

• Recurrent injury problems
• Plateau in performance
• Increased effort without seeing an improvement
• Poor technique
• Lack of consistency
• Bad movement patterns
• Breathing dysfunction

A Full Body MOT can be tailored to your individual needs and sporting activity… anything from Squash to Ballet to the avid Gym goer.

Runner’s Full Body MOT

Cyclist’s Full Body MOT

CrossFit Full Body MOT

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