Treatment costs

Finding the cause, solving the problem

We are dedicated to seeking out the root cause of your problem and delivering effective individualised treatment plans to get you back to your best.

All our appointments are a minimum of 1 hour long, this ensures that your physiotherapist is able to:

  • Iisten to you properly
  • carry out a thorough whole body assessment
  • work to identify the root cause of your issue
  • devise an individualised treatment plan
  • undertake hands on treatment
  • provide you with exercises and advice to help you to make progress between treatments

Initial Consultation (includes treatment):

Director/Physiotherapist £114

Follow up appointment:

Director/Physiotherapist £99/£79

Soft Tissue Massage:


If you are wanting to make a longer appointment either because it is a chronic/complex injury or you are traveling from a distance please call the clinic for the pricing of longer appointments.

CSPC Full Body MOT’s:

Director/Physiotherapist – 90 minutes with a physiotherapist, followed by a report £204/£172

CSPC Cyclist services:

Cyclist’s Full Body MOT – 90 minutes with a physiotherapist, followed by a report £172

CSPC Bike Fit – Up to 2 hours with a physiotherapist and a report with bike set up dimensions £172

*From 1 February we will be adding a £4 surcharge to all appointment fees until further notice.  Whereas the clinic has borne the cost of PPE to date, as we do not know how much longer this will be necessary it has become financially unviable to continue to do so.  Additionally, our self employed physiotherapists have taken a big hit having to space their appointments by 15 minutes to allow for cleaning/changing, and 50% of this surcharge will be passed directly on to them.

We do hope you understand this decision.  The surcharge will, of course, be removed when PPE and other safeguarding measures can be lifted.

Kind regards

Alison Rose

Clinic Director

Need help to fund your treatment costs?

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