Runner’s CSPC Full Body MOT testimonial

“Following Louisa’s advice I’ve been doing drills as recommended such as fast feet roll throughs, calf raises and high knee walking and I’ve been using the foam roller too. Also while I have been running I’ve been trying to focus on my arm movement and my posture – all of which has really helped. I did the Vale of York Half Marathon last  Sunday and got a PB (2:05:30 down from 2:10:00 in May 2017) and I feel that I am on track to achieve my goal of breaking 4:30 in the Yorkshire Marathon. This is despite lots of things beyond my control getting in the way (my kids 3getting chickenpox and the like) so it’s definitely been of benefit.”

Philip Lang 2017 CSPC #PBCHALLENGE winner

“Winning the MOT and subsequent treatment has pretty much transformed my running! There were so many things about my style, which I hadn’t even thought about or considered changing. People have actually commented about how much better I look and my times speak for themselves. I have taken 1 min 10 off my 10km PB to get it to 42.03 and have run a course PB on pretty much every summer series run I do including 1 min 40 off a 4.4 m hilly route where my previous PB was set in 2010.  I feel much stronger as a runner and that is helping on the longer runs. I’m more upright lifting and using my core – also my gluts work now which is a bonus. I do ten times more stretching than I ever did (still not as much as Louisa would like I suspect) and I have taken up Pilates which is also helping lots.  Without winning the competition I would never have considered a running MOT but now I would recommend them to everyone, my sister has already had one with Lucy and she is also reaping the benefits.  I’m still not confident I can smash the 3.30 as so much can happen in three weeks and on the day, but with your help, I’m in the best shape I have ever been and I will be giving it my very best shot.  Thank you so much for the prize, it really has been a massive boost and has changed my running not just for York but for good. Louisa has been so helpful, giving me advice on all sorts of elements for the day so all I can do now is finish off these few weeks of training and keep my fingers crossed it comes good on the day.”  

Rowan Booth 2017 CSPC #PBCHALLENGE winner