“After a long car journey to Leeds, I arrived with some discomfort in my upper back that worsened over the next day to the point that I could hardly breathe or move without feeling excruciating pain.

I’d done a gym session a week or so previously and had felt some discomfort in my back but rested and thought nothing of it. A long car journey combined with caring for two young children resulted in me having excruciating back pain and if it wasn’t for getting an emergency appointment at CSPC physiotherapy clinic I would not have made it home and probably checked myself into A&E!

Within the 1 hour appointment I received hands on treatment that relieved most of my pain and by the evening I was breathing and moving pain free. By the following morning I was back to ‘full dad duties’ much to the surprise of my partner, who with seeing how quickly I had recovered, started to think I’d made it all up to have a good rest!

Thanks CSPC physiotherapy for getting me back to my best – super quickly!”

Jack, 2021

“Jenny has much helped my shoulder pain and range of movement. She encouraged me to see my GP and I’ve now had an X ray to clarify the diagnosis – calcific tendinitis, and I’ve had a steroid injection, which has helped, but I think maybe some shockwave therapy and more physio might get my movement back to normal, so you’ll be seeing me again.” 2019

“Great attention to detail and thorough, effective treatment. Wish I’d gone to them years ago. Would not hesitate to recommend CSPC.” 2019

“Excellent physios for treatment and management of sports injuries, including long-term complex injuries. Jenny has been really thorough and patient and has worked hard to get to the root cause. She is encouraging with rehabilitation and her expert knowledge is especially helpful.” 2019

“Both my children have been treated by the physio team. My daughter was a swimmer and had problems with her knees, which needed surgery, which with the help of the physios we made to delay by a year and keep her swimming. Post surgery they helped get her back in the pool My son broke his foot at the start of the year and then POT had caused issues with his Achilles. He was in pain and wasn’t walking properly.. a couple of sessions and he was back to running round. I often recommend you to others.” 2019

“As a Master’s Athlete I need to pay attention to imbalances and weaknesses that can cause injuries. I find the MOT is useful for identifying these and then I can set about rectifying them. A regular appointment before competitions mean I can get any little niggles sorted out and the muscles ready for racing. Often I learn useful things from talking to my physio during the session, tips on training, exercises,self massage etc.” 2019

“Over the years I have worked with a number of the physios at CSPC, I have found them to be up to date with their thinking and treatments, willing to share their knowledge with one and other and clients. I always recommend CSPC to friends and clients. They have helped hold body and soul together, thank you.” 2019

“I’ve been coming to CSPC for both Pilates classes and personal physiotherapy. Combining the two has greatly improved my flexibility, stiffness and aided my injury recovery. I’m a big believer that regular physiotherapy sessions has a massive benefit to my ongoing exercise programme and most definitely helps me with the prevention rather than cure theory.” Nicky Young, 2019

“We thought you’d be interested in the results 3 weeks after the visit to Leeds:. Last weekend:

  • Martin broke his 50 mile TT PB by 2 mins recording 1:57:42
  • Rob broke his 70.3 PB by nearly 30 mins, going 4:07 at the Deva Tri for 13th overall.

There are so many variables we never really know what change did what. I guess that’s the nature of coaching. In the end it comes down to what you believe in. These two athletes and their coach believe in your magic, that’s for sure.

Thanks again for your help.”

Coach to both Martin and Rob, reporting improved results after a Bike Fit with Louisa Edmonston at CSPC, 2019

“I have received three treatments of shock wave therapy and it has far exceeded my expectations. I needed extensive physiotherapy following surgery on a broken ankle, this treatment has made a huge difference to my recovery. In just a few weeks I have regained a lot of the lost ankle movement and the usual stiffness from the scar tissue has quickly eased. I enthusiastically recommend this treatment.”

Shockwave therapy patient, 2019

“I am absolutely delighted with the shockwave treatment I have received at CSPC physiotherapy Clinic and the results it has produced. Each session has measurably reduced the size of my bursitis to the point it has almost gone, with corresponding improvement in my range of movement and comfort in the affected area. It has also ameliorated calcification in my shoulder. A great big thank you to Alison and Julianna for your help!†

Shockwave therapy patient, 2019

“I would highly recommend Candice at CSPC physiotherapy. I initially came with a broken shoulder after having made no progress with other physiotherapists. I was loosing significant movement in my arm. Candice’s hands on techniques meant that I fully recovered all movement in my arm. During my consultation it became apparent that something was not normal with my hips. I was in more and more pain. Candice liaised with my external agencies with getting me a scan, which they were reluctant to give me, despite having had breast cancer. I was finally diagnosed with secondary breast cancer with extensive bony metastases and told not to weight bear. Candice has seen me through the whole process from wheelchair to walking again, despite being told I would never walk again. At first Candice supported me to weight bear with exercises and helped me to keep my muscles as active and functioning as possible. Candice also used techniques to help me with the pain and has consistently helped me to keep the maximum mobility and strength at all points in my treatment. All this done with such a supportive, caring and positive manner.”

J.F, 2019

I first came to CSPC in May 2014, slightly embarrassed, a 56 year old with a 4 week old hip replacement! Not exactly an ‘elite’ athlete…. Would they really want to help me achieve my goal? I wanted to climb Snowdon 8 weeks after the operation! No problem. I worked with Amanda for the next four weeks and she got me up there, much to the amazement of my surgeon!

Sadly, my osteoarthritis is not going away and a second hip replacement was scheduled for autumn 2017. Well it was scheduled but it hasn’t happened. I have been seeing Louisa since the summer of 2017. It is part of the amazing care and attention you get at CSPC that after Louisa took my medical history she also asked me what I wanted to achieve. I really wanted to put off the second hip replacement for as long as possible so that I could complete a round of the Scottish Munros. Ok, let’s get to work on that hip.

Fast forward to November 2018. I still only have one hip-replacement and I haven’t quite finished my round – well there are 282 – only got 30 to go! But what a year, climbing, wild camping, we bought a super-sleek-go-faster–tandem and love our 70 mile blasts up the Yorkshire Dales. Louisa encouraged me to attend the Clinical Yoga class at CSPC every Friday. Wow! What a difference that has made. I celebrated my 60th birthday in September with a tandem ride and a new pair of running shoes. Yes, that’s right…with the help of my physio I have been running, slowly, but building up to my next goal. A 5k run in New Zealand next month.

I cannot believe how well I feel. Four years ago, I felt consigned to the ‘rust pile’, today I feel ‘shiny’ and ready for the next challenge. CSPC can seriously alter your way of life …for the better.”

Caroline Ravens, 2018

Amazing physios! I started coming here when they were located in Leeds Met. Now moved out to a new building by the Village gym/hotel. Every physio I have seen has been nothing short of amazing…..very knowledgeable and always seem to fix the problem!
Chris Allen, 2018

All prospective clients need to know is this: What the CSPC team can do is nothing short of miraculous!

A keen amateur runner until my mid 20’s I gave up running and my ambition to run 10 miles in under an hour following repeated Achilles tendon injury, ops on both tendons, and much subsequent physio from others that failed to get me back into anything nearing any form of competitive action. Diagnosed with MS in 2010 there was also the additional curve-ball in play, comprising reduced feeling in my feet and lower legs, muscle stiffness, and poor balance.

Most people would have happily sat on a couch with a beer and the TV on, but age 50 and after a busy career and family, I found the time and renewed motivation to try to start up sport again with what would once have been a straightforward goal to run a marathon in under 4 hours.

Having set about the task, I was however persistently frustrated by my new level of capability, being limited by my body to a maximum of just over 10 miles a week running at 9 minute miles (on a good day!) beyond which my Achilles’ would once again suffer recurrent injury.

I found CSPC through the internet, who bought into my goal completely, and applied what can only be described as a forensic level of detective work based on immense scientific knowledge and training, to identify and set to work on the underlying causes of my recurring injuries. The team first treated the years of scarring on my Achilles, then my board-like body along with my poor balance. This took place over a number treatment sessions, with homework of stretches and exercises gradually added in alongside at a non-demoralising rate.

It wasn’t long at all before my sense of feeling, balance, and running were all improving and then a breakthrough came with my running times suddenly dropping and with that the ability to run injury free on a sustainable basis at levels over 40 miles per week, and 10k times down to 7 min mile pace.

Having just completed the Midnight Sun Marathon in the Arctic Circle in a smidge over 3 and a half hours, and with a lot more speed which I now know is now still to come, I owe a debt of gratitude to the whole of the CSPC team for the transformation that they have achieved where others failed. I can only urge anyone else in anything like a similar position, who wants to get back into their passion and reach their former glory, to put their trust in these wonderful people.


Dear Claire, thanks for physio, it did the trick. Since my 3rd session on Tuesday last week, I have done the Harewood Estate circular walk these times, non-stop each time. This morning I found that I could jog part of the way. It’s wonderful to feel fully mobile again, many, many thanks.

John Sturges, 2018

Having caught the running ‘bug’ at the age of 31 years in 1994 and competed in cross country races and on the road over distances from 5k to marathon, my body started to finally give up on me in 2014. I began to struggle with recurrent injury including osteitis pubis, stress fractures in the pelvis and not helped by a fall from a horse resulting in multiple rib fractures and a fractured clavicle. In spite of help and advice from a variety of professionals including an NHS sports injury clinic and considerable efforts to strengthen and stabilise my core, gluts and pelvis I was unable to sustain any kind of consistent training spending months at a time unable to run. In the summer of 2017 having ‘broken down’ yet again and thinking my running days were over I remembered my soft tissue therapist speaking about Alison Rose as the best sports physio he had ever seen. Fortunately Alison agreed to assess and treat me and I travelled up to Leeds from Nottingham. I have been so impressed with Alison’s knowledge and expertise. Rather than homing in on the area of symptoms Alison has addressed the multiple issues I have with advice on stretching, mobilising and strengthening exercises and with effective (if somewhat uncomfortable!) hands on treatment. She has even cured my stress related jaw pain!
I am not an elite athlete and I feel extremely lucky that at the age of 54 years with my best running days behind me I have had the opportunity be treated by Alison. Running is such a big part of my life and Alison has given me the chance to keep on enjoying it.

Helen Burrell, 2018

Winning the MOT and subsequent treatment has pretty much transformed my running. There were so many things about my style which i hadn’t even thought about or considered changing. People have actually commented about how much better i look and my times speak for themselves. I have taken 1m10 off my ten k pb to get it to 42.03 and have run a course pb on pretty much every summer series run i do including 1m40 off a 4.4m hilly route where my previous pb was set in 2010.

I feel much stronger as a runner and thats helping on the longer runs. I’m more upright lifting and using my core – also my glutes work now which is a bonus. I do ten times more stretching than i ever did (still not as much as Louisa would like i suspect) and i have taken up Pilates which is also helping lots.

Without winning the competition i would never have considered a running MOT but now i would recommend them to everyone, my sister has already had one with Lucy and she is also reaping the benefits.

I’m still not confident i can smash the 3.30 as so much can happen in three weeks and on the day, but with your help, i’m in the best shape I have ever been and i will be giving it my very best shot.

Thank you so much for the prize, it really has been a massive boost and has changed my running not just for York but for good. Louisa has been so helpful, giving me advice on all sorts of elements for the day so all i can do now is finish off these few weeks of training and keep my fingers crossed it comes good on the day.

Rowan Booth. 2017 CSPC #PBCHALLENGE winner

“I visited Louisa for physiotherapy and then for a Cyclist’s MOT and bike set up in early 2014. I’d been meaning to get my bike sorted for some time, but eventually got round to it as I was getting severe back pain and had planned to do a long ride in July 14. So, I wanted to make sure that I was going to be in good shape to do it and that my bike was set up as well as possible to make the distance achievable. I had looked around at the various options and chose to get the set up done with Louisa – as well as being a qualified physio she has had significant experience on a bike, so understands what it’s like to ride long distance.

To help resolve the back issue first, I saw Louisa for a normal physio session. That was great, with issues quickly identified – my ‘bad back’ turned out to be an underperforming glute and misaligned hips as a result – muscles were manipulated and ‘released’ with immediate positive effect and I came away with a series of exercises to do to continue improvement. One real positive for me was that gentle cycling was encouraged at that stage to aid recovery!

I went back for my bike set up a couple of weeks later, we talked about what I wanted out of the session, what I wanted to achieve on the bike etc. The session itself was a combination of time on the bike (on a turbo), with Louisa assessing my cycling and position on the bike and listening to my feedback, making adjustments as necessary to the bike and some incredibly insightful observations about my cycling. Issues with both were quickly identified. Louisa definitely focused on fitting the bike to me, rather than the other way around, but the real value add for me was the time off the bike, working on my physiology and giving me exercises to do at home that would wake up the muscles that were under performing. On the bike, Louisa started from the cleats and then worked up to the seat and handle bars, talking to me all of the time about how I felt and making sure my weight distribution was even between the contact points.

I really enjoyed the bike set up experience and apart from a minor adjustment since, only because I got a new saddle, the set up remains as it was. The real measure of success though is that I was able to do the planned ride last July, covering over 200 miles, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day in the saddle.†

Stephen Lindsay

Remote physiotherapy consultations:

“I had my second remote consultation last week – it was very different from the first and just as useful. Candice was able to track my recovery, assess my progress with rehab exercises by observing me do them, and from the exchange of detailed verbal feedback and questions. From that point she was able to demonstrate number of alterations to my exercises and observe me trying them out to ensure I was moving correctly.

This has effectively moved me from rehab into the building of strength and conditioning – all during lockdown! the plan has been detailed, hugely well managed and incredibly effective. The pilates based approach has, for the first time in my life, made me feel stronger as well as fitter – and all through zoom! cant thank her enough.†

“I was in a lot of pain in my back and ribs before my appointment with Lucy. I had put off seeing anybody as I wasn’t sure how much I’d get from a virtual session but the pain got too much and I thought I’d try it. It turned out to be the best decision I’ve made, Lucy did my session over Zoom, she spoke to me about my symptoms and had me doing different movements on the video. She could see instantly that my range of movement in certain areas was very restricted so she got to me to try different mobilisations and nerve releases. She explained it all really clearly and I felt better straight away. She sent through a list of exercises to do myself with clear instructions. I was pain free after 3 days after being in agony for 3 weeks. Thank you Lucy!”

“Using the video link worked really well. Alison did a great assessment and then showed me how to self treat, checking all the time what I was doing. By the end of the session I was moving much better, had a practical self management plan, short video demos and felt much more confident that I will stay mobile during this difficult time†

“Such a quick and simple arrangement to make. From an existing patient’s perspective, an absolute life saver. The technology is great, it allowed for a full consultation and conversation, and the video element meant treatment could be suggested and demonstrated, and Candice could check I was doing it properly. A wonderful and incredibly effective system which offers both peace of mind and progress – it will enable me to keep moving – which is invaluable on so many levels.†

“I have ongoing issues with my iliotibial band and recently had a video consultation with Alison Rose. I wasn’t sure how well it would work given how her treatment is so hands on. I am pleased to say that the session was extremely helpful. My husband was available and Alison guided him through much of the treatment she would normally do. It was important to have our room set up in advance and we are lucky to have a physio type couch we could use. Alison has followed up with detailed written instructions and I am confident it will help me to self manage this injury during the lock down. Although obviously not quite as good as a face to face session I would strongly recommend a video consultation as an alternative, it was definitely worthwhile.”

“Such a quick and simple arrangement to make. From an existing patient’s perspective, an absolute life saver. The technology is great, it allowed for a full consultation and conversation, and the video element meant treatment could be suggested and demonstrated, and Candice could check I was doing it properly. A wonderful and incredibly effective system which offers both peace of mind and progress – it will enable me to keep moving – which is invaluable on so many levels.”

“Remote physio is working much better than I thought it could. Jenny has been amazing and has shown my partner how to free off all my tight areas and muscles (in other words where to stick his elbows for maximum pain!) She has also given me a great strength and conditioning programme I can do at home and checks that I am performing the exercises correctly.

“Wow what a difference! I had hoped to have ridden the bike on Saturday with everything secured (saddle as far back is it would go, -1 degree tilt and a 80mm stem that I borrowed from Dave) to get used to it but ran out of time so the first ride was the 30 min warm up before my 50 mile TT down on the Kent Coast. This is familiar course that I have raced on for 100 mile and 12 hr distances but being so close to the sea subject to windy conditions and yesterday was one of the worst for a while. It’s made up of two laps with the start and finish line north of the circuit. therefore had about 50% head wind, 20% tail and 30% cross.

The changes I noticed:

My feet and toes were completely flat in the shoes and relaxed, no scrunching

I’m pretty sure I felt my glutes firing! Certainly pedaling at a target power output of 250-260 seemed relatively easy and into the headwind sections I could maintain that power

The raised bars and shorter stem didn’t cause any noticeable back issues

My elbow angle was nearer to 90 degrees and if I moved my hands back an inch or so, behind the gear levers my knees would just brush the elbows.

Breathing from the diaphragm was easier but still a conscious effort

The area of the quads just above the knee felt not sore, more a never been used before sensation (if that makes sense), but disappeared with time (say after 1.5 hrs)

My triceps started to ache in the last 45 minutes

When I got off the bike I had a sore lower back level 3/10 and it disappeared by the time I had driven home

My lack of fitness caught up with me in the last 6km and power dropped down to 230 region.

Critically the time! I have been trying to break the 2 hrs on a Kent course 50 for years, always close 2.01.30, 2.02.15 and last years effort 2.03.40 when I was fully fit and trained up for the 24hr. Yesterday with a negative split at 25 miles finish time was 1.59.54, hurrah. This is only 01.15 mins off my 50 PB on an out an back course. Super pleased and thank you for your help with this.

Starting to work with the exercises so this will help even more.

Thank you again, the bike MOT visit and the changes are a real revelation.†

Martin Brown, 2018

“Following Louisa’s advice I’ve been doing drills as recommended such as fast feet roll throughs, calf raises and high knee walking and I’ve been using the foam roller too. Also while I have been running I’ve been trying to focus on my arm movement and my posture – all of which has really helped. I did the Vale of York Half Marathon last Sunday and got a PB (2:05:30 down from 2:10:00 in May 2017) and I feel that I am on track to achieve my goal of breaking 4:30 in the Yorkshire Marathon. This is despite lots of things beyond my control getting in the way (my kids 3 getting chickenpox and the like) so it’s definitely been of benefit.”

Philip Lang, 2017 CSPC #PBCHALLENGE winner

“Winning the MOT and subsequent treatment has pretty much transformed my running! There were so many things about my style, which I hadn’t even thought about or considered changing. People have actually commented about how much better I look and my times speak for themselves. I have taken 1 min 10 off my 10km PB to get it to 42.03 and have run a course PB on pretty much every summer series run I do including 1 min 40 off a 4.4 m hilly route where my previous PB was set in 2010. I feel much stronger as a runner and that is helping on the longer runs. I’m more upright lifting and using my core – also my gluts work now which is a bonus. I do ten times more stretching than I ever did (still not as much as Louisa would like I suspect) and I have taken up Pilates which is also helping lots. Without winning the competition I would never have considered a running MOT but now I would recommend them to everyone, my sister has already had one with Lucy and she is also reaping the benefits. I’m still not confident I can smash the 3.30 as so much can happen in three weeks and on the day, but with your help, I’m in the best shape I have ever been and I will be giving it my very best shot. Thank you so much for the prize, it really has been a massive boost and has changed my running not just for York but for good. Louisa has been so helpful, giving me advice on all sorts of elements for the day so all I can do now is finish off these few weeks of training and keep my fingers crossed it comes good on the day.”

Rowan Booth, 2017 #PBCHALLENGE winner

“It would be fair to say my injury has been complex, and to coin Alison’s phrase, ‘I’m a special case’. However, the dedication, perseverance, care and commitment, of not only Alison but absolutely everyone at CSPC Physiotherapy Clinic, has been second to none. I truly believe that without their support and expertise I would have remained injured and in pain. I cannot express my gratitude enough and would wholeheartedly recommend them above any other physiotherapy clinic in the UK.”

Nathan Shrub February 2017

“CSPC Physiotherapy have not only provided me the most effective treatment programme to address multiple, long standing injuries that prevented me from running for over 2 years, they also educated me in how to help myself maximise the treatments effectiveness. Something which I believe is a hugely important element of recovery & long term performance. Their specialist knowledge and expertise is quite simply outstanding, and this is conveyed to me in an understandable way which I really value. They listen to what I’m feeling & use this together with their thorough assesment to provide targetted treatment which is adjusted & progressed based on the changes that occur. Being able to see & feel physical differences within & between treatments has been a huge motivating factor to keep me believing I would return to my pre-injury level. Their patience & persistance to get to the bottom of complex issues and suceed in making a dfference is remarkable. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Mary Wilkinson February 2017

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to CSPC Physiotherapy especially Rob Hobkinson who literally ‘saved my life’ in the run up to the recent Tel Aviv marathon.

In the weeks building up to my marathon, I had been overdoing the training, and having never had any real professional advice before, Rob opened my eyes up to a whole new world of preparation. He worked hard on all my injuries and niggles, and gave me a whole programme of exercises and advice which ensured that against all odds, I achieved my personal best in Tel Aviv. Rob was more than just a physio, he became my saviour and friend, fitting me into his busy schedule sometimes outside of his normal hours. Can’t recommend him or CSPC highly enough. I have had physios before, but these guys bring it to a completely new scientific professional level that I didn’t know existed. Different class. Thanks again!”

Ilan Sherman 2016

Just wanted to thank you for all the help, assistance and really good advice that you have given to my son, Aiden Davies, over the last 4 months, that has enabled him to become fit and strong enough again to qualify for GB Athletics team selection.

Thanks, in no small part, to the diagnosis and treatment of his various different issues, that you identified and helped him work on over the last few months, he was able to perform again at almost full strength at the England Athletics Indoor Combined events championships last weekend in Sheffield and came away convincing winner of the U23 Heptathlon, finishing overall in the Senior comp in Bronze medal position with a points score of 5242.

This has resulted in him being selected to lead the U23 team at the CE International in Salamanca in February, and also be reserve for the Senior team competing in France at the end of Jan.

As you no doubt remember, Aiden came to you in September with a number of long term problems that have stopped in reaching his full potential over the last couple of years. You started addressing these, one by one, and whilst still exhibiting some issues, he’s ten times better than he was and now understands what he need to do to correct these in the future. After years of seeing different physios and specialists, you were the first one to really get to the bottom of what was causing his problems and put a plan into place to work on them.

Thanks again Oli for you expert guidance.

Andy Davies 2016

I have been attending CSPC for some time now. Previously I went to my GP who administered ibuprofen, advised rest and asked me to see him again in three to four weeks. This was not dynamic enough for me. It dawned on me that I was seeing the world’s best generalist, my GP, who was dealing with a myriad of ailments each day. I needed an expert in the relationships between joints, soft tissue, nerves and the mechanical movement of the body.I was aware of CSPC through my daughter’s involvement in county tennis. I gave them a try and now they are my first port of call.

Tony Jacks 2016

“I saw Lucy for a few sessions back in March / April. I had runners knee, which meant I was unable to do the Leeds half marathon in May 2015, which would have been my 1st half marathon. Through Lucy’s expert treatment / advice and exercise plan I was soon back to light running. Fast forward 5 months I have just completed my 1st half marathon in a pleasing time of 1hr 51mins and the knee is all fine! So thanks for your help, I still use the exercises and have the advice to call upon if needed in future.”

Steven Burton 2015

You treated my son on 31/03 this year following a suspected hamstring tear. I have been meaning to contact you for a while now to thank you for expert diagnosis and rehab advice, which, without doubt, not only saved his season but contributed significantly to his subsequent performances. You may recall that you didn’t think it was hamstring but more nerve issues caused by alignment / posture etc. Rather than have weeks out he was able to get back into training stronger and quicker. He finished the season English schools champion and got to the semi final of the senior British champs at Birmingham running a PB of 47.18 (400m). We will probably arrange a mid winter training visit just to check that he is aligned ok!
Thanks again for your help.

John Gray, September 2015

“Cannot rate this clinic highly enough. I went to them with significant long term and complex injuries – I am not a sports person. After seeking help from no fewer than 6 physiotherapists, Alison Rose identified the source of my problem within the first session, and within 2 sessions the pain which I had lived with for years was reducing, within 2 months the problem was completely eradicated. Alison Rose changed my life without a doubt, and if you are looking for a Physio look no further than Ali Rose and her team. If there were 6 stars, I would have rated them 6 stars.Physios can perform miracles!”

Sarah Marshall, July 2015

“At the age of 47 I have learnt to run again. Or maybe I should use the present tense: ‘I am learning to run again’ as I am still working on it. I have run since I was at school and at my peak ran over 100 miles a week but it was not a pretty sight and I was always quite injury-prone. Over the last few years running began to feel like hard work, I was getting slower and was having problems with my feet and also getting back-ache.

I went to see Alison Rose in May 2014 with a very sore and swollen right foot and she took the decision to address all the postural issues and tightness that were causing me to plant my foot in a way that was putting too much stress onto it. She and the team who looked after me – Vanessa, Jenny and Amanda – freed off everything from the tight shoulder around the collar bone I broke in a bike crash in 2009, through my ribs and abdominal area to my hips, legs and feet. They also gave me stretching, strengthening and activation exercises and some running drills to get me using the right muscles and engage the right neuro-muscular pathways.

The result is that I can now stand straighter (the tightness in my abdominal area was like having a shirt tucked in too tight), breathe more easily, walk better (my bum doesn’t stick out as much and my legs are no longer internally rotated) and running feels so much easier and more efficient. Friends and training partners have observed that it looks prettier too! I am now up to 40-50 miles per week and have done some 5k races.

It has been a fascinating process and I have learnt a lot along the way. The knowledge and insight of Alison and her team is incredible. I am also grateful to my sister Christine, a massage therapist, who has treated me between physio visits. A lot of what I have learnt has been really valuable for the coaching I do and I hope that the athletes I coach will be more efficient and less injury-prone than I was. Some of the lessons I have learnt:

  • A good physio can perform miracles but you have to do your bit too i.e. do your exercises – they do work!
  • Be patient (1): problems that have developed over a long period of time will not be solved overnight but if you keep following the advice from your physio you will get there.
  • Be patient (2): don’t do more than your physio tells you – a gradual return to running is very important so that your body gets used to the new position/action (I started with 5x1min run with 1 min walk every other day). The volume you are advised to do will increase in no time!
  • You can do something about some aspects of ‘age-related decline’ in performance by working with a good physio on strength, flexibility, elasticity and movement patterns.
  • Drills and activation/strength/stretching are a vital part of every training programme. Introducing these elements to athletes early in their careers will result in more efficient, less injury-prone athletes. The drills and exercises must be done properly so should be taught and supervised initially by a good physio or an experienced coach.
  • Your body is all joined together so the root of a problem may be a long way from the injured part. I always found it amazing that Alison could free off my hip flexors without even touching them
  • You don’t have to be injured to benefit from seeing a physio. A good physio can provide a ‘prehab’ programme to stop you getting injured and improve your efficiency. I advise my athletes to get an ‘MOT’ and updated exercise programme prior to starting a new training period.

Thank you so much to Alison and her team (especially Vanessa, Jenny and Amanda) for giving me back my running!”

Anne Buckley, March 2015

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to CSPC for their help and advice in overcoming a running injury. As an ultra distance runner I had developed poor habits and weak core strength and glute strength which was causing huge problems and chronic pain in my hip. I visited Ali for some advice and was given a helpful programme to follow for 6 weeks along with using some orthotics prescribed by Karen Duff. The results did take a while and commitment is required by clients to persevere with the programme but weeks later at my follow up appointment, the video footage of my treadmill running was completely different! The pain had subsided and I was able to recommence my proper training regime once again. Sticking with the programme and following the advice is imperative but the reward of being able to run properly again is well worth it.

I first visited the Coach House Sports Physiotherapy clinic four weeks after having a partial knee replacement. Although I was recovering well from my operation, I was struggling to walk properly and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain, and I was getting quite dismayed at my progress, and yet quite nervous about how much to push my rehab work. As a committed but only recreational level golfer and gym goer, I was a bit nervous going into a physio clinic which treats international athletes., but my first appointment with Graeme Everard was great. He reassured me that the pain was due to ‘tethering’ around the scar and from then on, I saw him weekly for three months. The hour sessions were often hard (and sometimes painful!), consisting of manipulation and massaging to get rid of the scar tissue and to regain mobility, with set exercises to get my confidence and balance back. Graeme is an experienced physio, having worked in the NHS and in private practice, and pushed me way beyond what I would have done myself! (The NHS after care for my operation consisted of me being given a list of exercises on a piece of paper and although I did these religiously, the hands on treatment each week was what made the huge difference). The result – I have almost full flexion and extension of the knee (not always the outcome of knee replacement I understand) and I was back to walking normally and golf within a few months of the operation. I can’t recommend Graeme (and the clinic) highly enough and still go for a ‘maintenance’ session every six weeks or so. If you value your physical activity, and need a physio – go the Coach House Sports Physiotherapy Clinic!”

Anne Flintoff

Professor in Physical Education and Sport

Leeds Metropolitan University

“Last year I started race walking, having already got a reasonable endurance background in runnning. It wasn’t long before I learned that the physical impacts are not the same, and I suffered an injury in my calf leading up to the English Schools Championships. The team at Carnegie helped me recover in time to compete, and they have since played a more significant role in my continuing development. Following that injury, through a series of physiotherapy sessions, I was given an exercise regime to help strengthen and condition me – particularly my legs and core. Since last year I have been doing the exercises at least four times a week and as a result have got stronger. Consequentially, I have been able to build on my training programme and remain injury free.
There is no substitute for hard work and good coaching, but achievement can only happen if you remain fit and capable of putting in the effort. In March this year I made my England debut, and was subsequently selected for Team GB as a member of the World Race Walking Cup team.
Overall, I enjoyed my first experience as part of Team GB – which involved trains, planes and automobiles to make the 30 hour+ journey to Saransk in Russia to compete in the IAAF World Race Walk Cup. Saransk is the centre for Race Walking in Russia, and over 30,000 turned out to watch the event… not something I had previously been used to. I learned a lot from travelling with experienced Internationals, and from the coaching team, but despite this I struggled with the conditions on the day and didn’t perform to my best.

My focus is now on improving my times, and working towards further success, and hopefully I will be fit and have the qualifying standards to make the World Cup team again in 2014.
The contribution from Ali and her team is without doubt a part of that success.”

Ellie Dooley, age 16 – Junior International Race Walker

“They really came to the fore when I had both of my hips replaced in my late sixties. I returned to golf and quickly found that the rest of my body had suffered whilst struggling to cope with my arthritic hips. I went back to CSPC, and specifically Graeme, who diagnosed the cause of my difficulties and pain. He started treatment immediately and gave me a series of exercises to support my new hip joints and also the treatment he was giving me. I am now getting full value from my expensive hip replacements and a much more flexible and pain free body movement for my golf. The expression spring chicken readily comes to mind. Like a vintage car I now have a routine MOT to keep me on the course.

I honestly feel that without CSPC, and especially Graeme, I would not be playing and enjoying my golf again.”

Tony Jacks

“I felt I must thank you for my treatment back in Jan/Feb.

You may remember I had a ‘mad’ desire to do the Barcelona Marathon 25/03/12 despite my right foot…
When I saw you initially I hung on to a remote thread of possibility that it may still be do-able but really in the following weeks I nearly ruled it out.

That is until I recieved my new orthotics…there have been flashes of great hope with these and my right foot is certainly much more comfortable than it was!

So I am able to say that I did manage to ‘fudge’ my way through the Barcelona Marathon last Sunday afterall!
Time irrelevant really but I ran a very cautious 3:56:23 in 28 deg temp always on the lookout for management of right foot comfort round the next corner, maybe…but it didn’t really trouble me at all!

Thank you for making me see the sense in improving the biomechanics of that right foot and trusting you sufficiently to give orthotics a go!

I may well request a second, duplicate pair in due course and am likely to request further treatment and/or a good sports massage in the next few weeks.”

Anne Kirtley- Marathon runner

“Today I ran the Abbey Dash in 1 hour 6 minutes and 19 seconds with no hip pain and no foot pain YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE. I ran every step and loved every second of it. Without your hard work, skill and persistence I would never have been able to do it. The inlays have made a big difference and I didn’t feel a twinge anywhere. Mind you I might not be able to launch myself out of bed in the morning but that won’t be because of my hip or feet!!!

Cassie and Karen the podiatrist have allowed me to get up and go again. I will always shout from the roof tops about you.”

Sarah Parker – Keen runner

“I started attending physio with Alison after a number of hip replacements at a relatively young age left me with chronic difficulties with my back, hips, pelvis and gait. Alison’s skill and expertise in assessment, treatment and exercise prescription transfered brilliantly from “sports† physio to management and treatment of my chronic difficulties and have made an enormous difference to my functional ability, have decreased my pain and improved my gait. Her willingness to liaise with other relevant professionals has been hugely helpful. I’ve also learned about my role in exercising and maintaining strength and mobility. There are a lot of exercises involved!, but I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to someone with chronic pelvis/back/gait difficulties, her “sports† clinic is not just for the sporty.”

A. K, Ireland

“I’ve done a bit of thinking since last summer and what you and the Clinic have made me realise is that I need to look after my body and listen to it. I haven’t had care like I’ve received since I was in the States and I’ve hit a few more tennis balls, ran many miles and booted a few footies around in the last 11 years since I was last there.
When my shoulder and foot were both hurting last year I’d got to the point where I was thinking is sport worth it anymore as was getting sick of the aches and pains but I’m so glad I listened to my mate to call. I know in reality I’m not getting any younger (maybe mentally sometimes!) but you guys have given me back my faith in my body. I know its up to me to look after myself but at least a little stubbornness has subsided in me to realise this and do what needs to be done to ensure I keep enjoying my sport for many more years to come.”

Jo Cunliffe – County level Tennis player and previous USA professional

“I travelled to see Alison from Glasgow having suffered from osteitis pubis for around a year and after hearing good reports regarding her treatment of this condition.
After trying numerous physiotherapists, ART therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors/ osteopaths, & surgeons in Scotland with no great results, I did have my doubts as to whether I would ever be able to play football pain free again and was contemplating hanging up my boots- luckily I heard about Alison, and I haven’t looked back.

The attention to detail and anatomy knowledge I experienced was unbelievable and the best I have ever received- every aspect of my body, posture, and breathing was analysed over a two day period that addressed every fundamental weakness/ issue I had.
Even though the aches, and pains that had plagued me for over a year felt better after these initial two days it was after a week+ of doing the exercises given to me that I seen a huge difference. I am now at the stage where I can play pain free and I can’t thank/ recommend Alison, and the clinic highly enough.”

David Falconer -Semi professional football player

“I have been treated by most of the team at Carnegie Sports Physiotherapy since the age of 17. I strongly appreciate the treatment I have received it has been hugely beneficial to my career, helping me to rehabilitate from serious injury as well as endless dedication from the team on injury prevention. I am extremely grateful to access such world class professional care local to me in Leeds.”

Richard Strachan – 400m GBR Athletics

“I would like to really thank all of the team for supporting me with my treatment over the years. They have stayed with me through the long haul and had a lot of patience with me. They have always had a belief in me and although I am not back to full racing yet I am hopefully on the road to recovery. I have received treatment from all of the team and not just Alison and I have no problem taking advice from any one of them. They go the extra mile with me and use drills and track sessions to help me progress. I am so pleased to be this far on so soon after my foot operation and although the Amsterdam 8k may not seem like a triumph to most, it was to me and I know that the everyone at CSPC understands me and supports me.”

Tracey Morris- 2004 Olympics marathon runner

“Ali has worked wonders with me, and I’m sure that I would not still be running without her help. She has always been good at diagnosing the cause of my injury, giving it the most appropriate initial treatment and then sending me away with exercises and the necessary encouragement to get me back to what I love doing. My injuries have not been straightforward and I appreciate all the time and effort Ali has given to helping me, even though I am well past my best years as a runner!”

Richard Nerurkar – Ex GB international, Olympics 1992 (10k) & 1996 (marathon), 1993 (world cup champion)

“A huge thanks to Alison for all the black magic/witchcraft over the last 9 months – when I first came in, doing any endurance activity was agony (I remember having a lie down on the side of the half ironman course in July – not conducive to getting a PB!). I thought you only treated the elite guys, but on reflection you seem just as happy inflicting pain on anyone! Yesterday I managed 26.2 miles running constantly – albeit at quite a slow pace – without pain! I finished in a blaze of glory, overtaking a banana, Big Bird and a spaceman as I sprinted majestically over the line! I finished 3 minutes quicker than when I did the same event in 1994. Thanks so much for your keen efforts, encouragement and brutal pain – it made a real difference yesterday.”

Stuart Jeffries, written after the 2011 London Marathon – Member of the Leeds Bradford Triathlon club

Facebook reviews

Everyone is totally professional and treat the whole person !!! Several members of my family have been recipients of fantastic treatment at the clinic…. with life changing results ! ( no exaggeration) . So much is achieved during each hour long treatment. No stone is left unturned .
My husband and I have also attended Pilates for 4 years at the clinic which everyone should try… it’s helped us continue with all our sports well into our 50’s .
Thanks guys .
Ps Special thanks to Vanessa Noble and Louisa Edmonston ( both amazing) for getting us over some horrible injuries and Candice and previously Jo for their Pilates expertise.

Cathryn Miller reviewed CSPC Physiotherapy †” 5 star

I have recommended CSPC to family and friends and will carry on doing so. I like the way they treat the whole person and it certainly helped me. Friendly and professional staff

Patricia Evans reviewed CSPC Physiotherapy †” 5 star

I’ve attended CSPC a number of times both for sports massage with Ian and for physio with Rob, to sort out my many running-related muscular niggles. Both Rob and Ian are really professional and know their stuff. They provide top notch treatment and won’t have you needing to return every week.

Caroline Thomas reviewed CSPC Physiotherapy †” 5 star

Firstly I’m a supporter of excellent Physio and this is most certainly excellent Physio in every way. I had a severe accident 2 years ago and what was devastating has been made functionally better through Physio. CSPC have given me focused, knowledgeable and target d treatment which have made improvements to my mobility, flexibility and pain levels to a degree that I could only dream of. Thank you.

Samantha Coe reviewed CSPC Physiotherapy †” 5 star

CSPC has got me back on my feet – quite literally – after two foot operations to repair a torn tendon. The treatment was careful and staged and intended to get me back to the best physical shape and alignment I could be – for the long term. They have also been amazing at maintenance sessions, keeping everything in its place and spotting posture and alignment issues I have probably had for years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, whether you are athlete, or an active person wanting to make sure you stay straight and strong and physically the best you can be as you live your life.

Angela Read reviewed CSPC Physiotherapy †” 5 star

I have used Alison and her brilliant team from the days when they were based at Beckett Park and cannot recommend them too highly. They are top notch. On several occasions they have got me able to compete in a International Masters Athletics event when injured at the last moment. They are also good to come to for a general MOT so you can find out which exercises to do on a regular basis to keep fit. Their sports masseur Ian is also excellent to use regularly. If they can’t sort out your problem they will say so and they know which Sports Doctors best to use if necessary. Alison’s Running Course is a must for runners as you learn about strength, conditioning, rolling, drills from a person who has worked with the best athletes in the world. We are so lucky to have this physiotherapy clinic in Leeds.

P.S. The receptionists are very efficient and lovely too!

Caroline Marler reviewed CSPC Physiotherapy †” 5 star