Cyclist’s Full Body MOT with Bike Fit testimonial

“I visited Louisa for physiotherapy and then for a Cyclist’s MOT and bike set up in early 2014. I’d been meaning to get my bike sorted for some time, but eventually got round to it as I was getting severe back pain and had planned to do a long ride in July 14. So, I wanted to make sure that I was going to be in good shape to do it and that my bike was set up as well as possible to make the distance achievable. I had looked around at the various options and chose to get the set up done with Louisa – as well as being a qualified physio she has had significant experience on a bike, so understands what it’s like to ride long distance.

To help resolve the back issue first, I saw Louisa for a normal physio session. That was great, with issues quickly identified – my ‘bad back’ turned out to be an underperforming glute and misaligned hips as a result – muscles were manipulated and ‘released’ with immediate positive effect and I came away with a series of exercises to do to continue improvement. One real positive for me was that gentle cycling was encouraged at that stage to aid recovery!

I went back for my bike set up a couple of weeks later, we talked about what I wanted out of the session, what I wanted to achieve on the bike etc. The session itself was a combination of time on the bike (on a turbo), with Louisa assessing my cycling and position on the bike and listening to my feedback, making adjustments as necessary to the bike and some incredibly insightful observations about my cycling. Issues with both were quickly identified. Louisa definitely focused on fitting the bike to me, rather than the other way around, but the real value add for me was the time off the bike, working on my physiology and giving me exercises to do at home that would wake up the muscles that were under performing. On the bike, Louisa started from the cleats and then worked up to the seat and handle bars, talking to me all of the time about how I felt and making sure my weight distribution was even between the contact points.

I really enjoyed the bike set up experience and apart from a minor adjustment since, only because I got a new saddle, the set up remains as it was. The real measure of success though is that I was able to do the planned ride last July, covering over 200 miles, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day in the saddle.”

Stephen Lindsay – keen cyclist