We are open – updated on the 4th Jan 2021

As a healthcare provider working in a COVID-19 secure environment & travel permitted for medical appointments, we are still able to offer you our physiotherapy services.

Is it safe to visit the clinic?

Please be assured we have all the necessary PPE to treat you safely, and have put in place every possible measure to keep both patients and staff at the clinic as safe as possible. (A full risk assessment is available on request.)

What we have in place to keep both you and our therapists safe:

  • COVID-19 screen of all patients prior to appointment
  • Physiotherapists in full PPE, as well as clients in masks
  • Both patient and physiotherapist temperatures taken on arrival at clinic
  • A well ventilated clinic
  • Socially distanced treatment bays
  • Chemical-free bio-cleaning system in place
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitising procedures
  • Staggered appointments to allow sufficient time for cleaning and only one patient in the reception area at a time

However, even though we have these procedures in place, a face to face consultation, in most cases, necessitates being less than two meters from your physiotherapist for more than 15 minutes, thus not within the Government’s social distancing guidelines, which inevitably poses a risk to the patient.

For shielding/vulnerable patients, we are able to treat in an area with separate entrance/toilet facilities.  But we would ask you to carefully consider the risk implications of a face to face consultation and consider a remote consultation instead.

Remote consultations will still be available for anyone else who can be helped in this way. If you are travelling a distance, particularly using public transport, then at the moment, we would suggest that you have a remote consultation first, so that there is less to do when you eventually visit the clinic for a follow-up.

How do I book?

Call to book in the usual way but be advised that this call may take a few minutes longer than usual as we will have to go through a COVID-19 questionnaire and our procedures with you before you attend the clinic.

How else will my clinic experience differ?

Once booked in all patients will receive a text message reminder prior to their appointment with a link to an online form. This form will remind you of our COVID-19 procedures and what is required of you ahead of, and when visiting the clinic and must be completed in advance of your appointment, confirming agreement to comply. The online form will include (not exclusively):

  • That you attend your appointment alone (unless previously agreed) and bring with you a minimum of personal belongings. Please bring your own shorts to change into and face mask and, where possible, your own towel and pillow.
  • That you park offsite unless you have difficulty walking. We would ask you not to arrive early and to wait outside in the courtyard to be called in by your physiotherapist, unless it is bad weather, when you can wait in the hallway (appointment times will be staggered).
  • That you ensure your mask is on before entering the clinic, agree to have your temperature taken by your physiotherapist on arrival and  wash your hands thoroughly before entering the treatment area, and again before leaving the clinic.

How do I pay and rebook?

We will stagger appointment times, to make it safe to visit reception to pay and rebook after your appointment in the usual way.

Payment by card only, no cash or cheques can be accepted. To minimise risk further please consider paying contactless, using your mobile phone payment app that has an unlimited payment amount.

Please bring with you means to record your next appointment as appointment cards cannot be issued.

We very much look forward to welcoming you at the clinic.