Remote running analysis

Our remote running analysis service can help you get more enjoyment from your running, address any niggles and improve your performance.

At CSPC physiotherapy we see many runners who are looking for ways to improve their running performance and reduce the number of niggles they pick up, so that they can keep training consistently.

The way you run is a function of the relative strengths and weaknesses in your body, as well as coordination of the limbs, the upper and lower body, all of which result in your unique movement pattern. Unlike many activities, we’re not “taught” to run, so a few simple tips can make all the difference.

For that reason, it’s rare to come across a runner, at any level, whose performance we can’t improve by analysing and fine tuning how they move, and adding key movements and exercises to their routine.

We can now offer you those same benefits through our remote running analysis service

By sending us a set of short videos of you running, squatting and lunging your physio can do a thorough analysis of how you run and move using Hudl. Below is an example of one of our physiotherapist’s analysis, using Hudl.

Having reviewed the footage, using Zoom your physio will watch you doing a number of further tests live, before talking you through your running technique and the areas that need addressing, using your annotated video stills that will have been sent back to you before your session.

Your physio will then prescribe the most relevant exercises that are tailored to address your particular issues. These can be done in your own home, don’t take too long to do and the benefits of which you will start to see very quickly.

We recommend a follow up session to check and progress exercises where appropriate.

By assessing your running technique from video, we can:

  • advise you of the areas that should be addressed to help you run more efficiently; and
  • work out why you may get, or be at risk of certain injuries, by assessing your strength, flexibility, and how you move through key joints.

From this we can:

  • set a strengthening, mobility and flexibility programme, tailored to your needs
  • demonstrate and recommend self massage techniques to help combat reoccurring muscle tightness
  • recommend running drills that are appropriate to addressing inefficient movement
  • advise how to increase your running volume safely whilst preventing injury
  • advise on cross training and building a programme

Remote running consultation                                                                                                                                       £90

(inc full analysis of submitted video footage, online

consultation and prescription of bespoke exercise plan)

Running consultation follow-up                                                                                                                             £30

“From videos I had sent Alison, she was able to identify issues with my running technique and display clear analysis back to me via the video call. Alison gave me a thorough breakdown of where I was going wrong, what to correct and, despite not being in the same location, was able to clearly demonstrate exercises to do to help. I was made to feel at ease during the whole experience and benefited from an expert professional service from my own home – very useful service.”