PPE & face covering update

We have received the following update from our governing body regarding PPE and face covering. We welcome their advice to continue to use the most appropriate PPE and that patients will still be asked to wear masks and sanitise hands.

Whilst case numbers of COVID -19 are still high, our physiotherapists will continue to wear PPE and we will ask that patients continue to wear face coverings and comply with our current COVID-19 procedures, in order to keep both our staff and you safe.

We are proud to report that we have had no cases of COVID-19 transmitted between staff or patients and that the procedures we have in place allow people to feel safe, when at the clinic.

The UK government announcement on 6 July 2021 signals an end to lockdown measures and the mandated use of face masks as of 19 July (in England). Physiotherapists and patients in all sectors need to be aware of what this will or will not mean in practice.

The use of masks and other PPE guidance for all healthcare settings across the UK has not changed. This means that a healthcare practitioner will still use the most appropriate PPE for their environment. Patients may be asked to continue to wear masks and sanitise hands.

We will of course update our guidance if and when further changes are announced.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (8 July 2021)