Maternity wellbeing with CSPC physiotherapy

Pregnancy is an amazing thing and should be a really exciting time in a woman’s life, which is why we’ve put together the CSPC Maternity wellbeing service to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Our physiotherapists are experienced in treating pre and postnatally, helping to return new mums back to their best as quickly as possible. We are also recognised by the Pelvic Girdle Pain partnership as recommended practitioners, which you read more about here.

Prevention is better than the cure

At CSPC physiotherapy we recognise the changes within a woman’s body during pregnancy and you can read more about these changes here.

We recommend that you see a CSPC physiotherapist within the first 10 weeks of your pregnancy to monitor changes to your body and then book in monthly to check the alignment of your pelvis and lumbar spine, prescribe suitable exercises for you at the time and treat any other areas that may be causing you pain or discomfort. A physiotherapist monitoring you regularly is more easily able to pick up on any changes that may be happening with your alignment, and address them before they become a problem.

After the birth, your physiotherapist will advise you on the correct exercises to do through the weeks after the baby arrives, that are at the right level for you, and will show you how to check you are doing your exercises the right way. This is important to ensure you regain abdominal muscle strength and function, and to enable the two sides of the abdomen draw back together. You can read more about what abdominal separation is and our advice here.

Should you need to have a Caesarean section or an episiotomy, then your physiotherapist can also advise you on how to look after your scar in the best way, to help prevent adhesions occurring that can cause problems further down the line.

We look forward to helping you to enjoy your pregnancy and once given birth getting you back to your best as a new mum.

To book your Maternity wellbeing service with a CSPC physiotherapist call a member of our admin team, letting them know how many weeks pregnant you are and they will look to book an appointment for you.