Julianna Richardson soft tissue therapist

Julianna graduated from Teesside University as a sports therapist. Four years of training taught her how to treat a variety of injuries, not only athletic, but injuries that may occur in everyday life. Julianna uses a wide range of deep tissue techniques when applying massage and uses the most up-to-date rehabilitation program’s and injury prevention techniques.

Julianna has worked with university men’s rugby union, Redcar rugby club and Billingham men’s ice hockey team. Tasks during this time consisted of soft tissue treatments during training sessions, first aid during each game, providing rehabilitation program’s for injured players along with taping and strapping of players before a match.

After leaving university Julianna was given the opportunity to travel to Norway and work along side a physiotherapist for a semi professional football club in Langevaag, Norway. Away from CSPC Julianna works as a sports therapist and personal trainer at club energy gym in Otley and helps local ruby clubs (Ilkley and Otley NCN’s) with soft tissue therapy and first aid.