Get Active Full Body MOT

Our experienced physiotherapists at the clinic recognise the challenge of  returning to or taking up exercise for the first time.

We have developed a ‘Get Active’ Full Body MOT to help people get back being active, without their body letting them down and preventing them from enjoying exercise.

No matter what your reason for not exercising, or not doing enough exercise, starting to get fit or increasing exercise levels can be a daunting thought. Our Get Active Full Body MOT will help you develop your confidence and enjoyment in exercise.

Where do you start?

There is little information available, and magazines can be informative but also overwhelming, as they provide lots of information, and may start at too high a level for you, and therefore not be enjoyable or safe.

At CSPC, we believe that exercise should be done healthily and with minimal adverse impact on the body. We believe that it should be enjoyable, putting a spring in your step and helping to improve confidence and self esteem. We also realise that many people don’t exercise because they don’t know how to start, or are worried about doing themselves damage, or think that as it hurts it can’t be doing any good.

After a period of time without exercise, the muscles in the body become weaker through reduced loading and this is normal for everyone. To remain injury free when returning to exercise it is advisable to build up a base of strength and flexibility so that your body can cope with what you are going to ask it to do, and then to slowly increase the volume of exercise being done, so that your return to sport is both enjoyable, and with minimal risk, so that it can be maintained long term.

If returning to activity after pregnancy, it is important that the abdominal muscles are retrained properly, and that if there is any lasting laxity (looseness) in the joints, that the muscles are strengthened around them to protect them.

Our Get Active Full Body MOT is designed with active, soon-to-be active, and recently active people  in mind. We  assess where you are now and help you work towards an achievable fitness level, whether it is a reduction in pain and improved function so you can run around with the children; improving strength and flexibility, to enable you to become fitter and to stay active healthily; or returning to earlier levels of activity.

During our MOT, the physiotherapist will ask you what your goals are, what any current issues are, and will tailor the assessment to your requirements. We look at movement of the spine, pelvis and other joints in the body. We look at general and specific strength deficiencies and requirements for what you want to do. We will also look at how you move. We then bring this together to produce a plan to help you to get fitter, healthier and stronger. This may include specific strengthening or stretching exercises, exercises to help you move better, or advice on how you can steadily build into the exercise you want to do. This may include advice on seeking further treatment for specific injuries or referral on to other specialists if required.

Cost: A 90 minute Full Body MOT including assessment, treatment and a detailed report £158 with a physiotherapist and £188 with a clinic director.

For more information, to check availability and book please call a member of the admin team on 0113 2750606