Cyclist’s Full Body MOT with Bike Fit

Bike fit wheel and tools

The physiotherapists at CSPC are experienced in assessing and treating cyclists on a regular basis and we have been in partnership with a number of local cycling clubs in the area for some time now, providing physiotherapy and injury prevention for their members.

Bike fit side view

Cycling is a great sport with the bonus of being non-weight bearing, so is great for all ages, shapes and sizes without straining the joints too much. Injuries tend to be less frequent in cycling than other sports such as running and rugby but they do happen due to the repetitive nature of the sport.

Having worked with cyclists of all different levels from elite triathletes and semi pro cyclists to the novice and those completing long distance events such as the Lands End to John O’Groats, we have found there are several common problem areas including:

  • Poor posture and position on the bike
  • Poor glut activation
  • Incorrect head, neck and chest position
  • Poor balance and stability
  • Inability to dissociate upper, middle and lower zones of the body
  • Inefficient pedaling technique
  • Low cadence
  • Poor hip and ankle range of motion
  • Weak connection between the hip and shoulders
  • Incorrect Bike Fit

During the Cyclist’s Full Body MOT with bike fit at CSPC, the physiotherapist will look at your body from head to toe assessing strength, stability, flexibility, proprioception, biomechanics, breathing, functional movement and your cycling technique and efficiency.

Bike Fit:

We then get you on the bike, in your cycling gear and ask you to pedal in the position you will be in the most frequently, or your ideal race position. We observe from all angles, taking photos/video, certain measurements, assessing movement patterns and pedal efficiency and using an experienced “eye”.

What we screen:

  • Shoes, pedal and cleat position
  • Seat height and fore/aft position
  • Bar height, stem length and tri-bar length, height and angle
  • Weight and power distribution
  • Pedalling efficiency
  • Body movements, restrictions, muscle tightness/overuse/weakness muscle
  • Fixing strategies that you may have adopted due to poor central stability and movement patterns
  • Identification of any biomechanical restrictions/issues e.g. leg length discrepancies, pelvic asymmetry, central instability and muscle imbalances.

Cycling Technique:

By watching you cycle, the physiotherapist at CSPC will identify aspects of your technique that can be fine-tuned to help improve your technique, efficiency and stability. They will provide specific drills and exercises for you on and off the bike and go through these, correcting as required, and include these in your personal exercise plan. Adding the drills and exercises as part of your warm up or into your strength and conditioning program, can also help reduce fatigue, risk of injury and discomfort and enhance power output, performance, and your enjoyment on the bike.

Bike fit. Behind bike

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or just someone who enjoys a social ride, there are many things you can do to help improve your time on the bike!

Cost:  Up to 2.5 hour Cyclist’s Full Body MOT with bike fit including assessment, treatment and a detailed report is £207 with a physiotherapist.

For more information, to check availability and book please call a member of the admin team on 0113 2750606