CSPC Bike Fit

Our qualified Bike Fitters are also experienced physiotherapists, which gives them an excellent understanding of how the body moves and the demands on it when cycling.

During your Bike Fit at CSPC you will first be asked a number of questions about your cycling background, injury history, current discomforts and training load to determine from the outset your cycling goals.

The physiotherapist will then take your body measurements bilaterally (both sides) because the human body is rarely symmetrical. They will also assess your current strength to ensure the new Bike Fit set up works best for you.

You’ll then get on the bike and the physiotherapist will ascertain your current Bike Fit position and establish areas of potential change, making as many adjustments as necessary to arrive at your optimum bike position.

What we look at during your CSPC Bike Fit:

Cleat position Saddle height
Knee Extension Saddle set back
Knee over pedal spindle Saddle to bar height difference
Hip Angle Saddle make, model and size
Pelvis angle Bar reach
Torso angle Bar width
Shoulder angle Pedal make, model and size
Hood reach Crank Length

At the end of the CSPC Bike Fit you will receive details of your pre and post bike fit dimensions, recording the difference between the scores. If there are any areas of improvement to be made you will be given the specific exercises and advice to achieve this.

CSPC Bike Fit – £168

  • 1 Bike fit
  • Session duration – up to 2 hours

CSPC Bike Fit follow up (recommended after 4- 6 weeks post full bike fit) – £75

  • 1 follow up bike fit
  • Session duration – 1 hour