Comprehensive research carried out on the effects of exercise during pregnancy shows that, in most cases, it is safe and beneficial for both mother and baby, and that it is recommended women to start or continue exercise to gain the health benefits associated with exercise during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of great change in a woman’s body – read about the effects of pregnancy musculoskeletally and what you can do to minimise the impact, both during the pregnancy and in the months following birth, including recommended exercises for you to do at home available to download.

Find out how to Manage other changes to your body during pregnancy – eg, hormones, breathing, emotional – to enjoy your time as a mum-to-be.

Physiotherapy treatment whilst pregnant is perfectly safe and at the Coach House we have a number of physiotherapists experienced in pre and post natal treatment.   Our aim is to improve your body’s ability to change and adapt during pregnancy, supporting you and your baby with the minimum pain and discomfort and addressing any issues you are specifically experiencing in your pregnancy.

Whereas athletes, both elite and recreational, should aim to continue with certain aspects of their rehab throughout pregnancy to prevent issues during pregnancy or when resuming training after birth, they should be aware of modifications they need to make to their program to avoid injury both pre and post-pregnancy.


Every woman can enjoy their pregnancy by staying as healthy and pain-free as possible. A few simple stretches and strengthening exercises can minimise potential alignment issues around the pelvis which are normally the cause of back and pelvis pain which can quite often result in real long term issues for the woman, not just during pregnancy but afterwards.

Pregnancy can be a really positive time to get into good habits of eating well, staying fit, stretching well, maintaining strength in gluts and the pelvic floor, all of which can help with the pregnancy, the time immediately after the birth, and in the months following.


“Exercising through my pregnancy didn’t only make me feel great but a combination of gentle exercise and physiotherapy kept my muscles switched on and allowed me to stay as mobile as possible. Also following a simple abdominal activation and pelvic floor programme during and post birth really helped with my transition back into full training”

Jessica Ennis-Hill,  2012 Olympic heptathlon gold medalist