Calf strength

Soleus raises (bent knee)

  • Stand facing the wall, on one leg with the knee bent.
  • Keep knee over second toe at all times.
  • Without moving hips, lift heel off floor and go onto toes, then lower.
  • Do not let knee fall in.
  • Go through full range, aiming for smooth movement.
  • Build up to 3 x 25
  • Do daily after running

Gastrocnemius raises (straight leg)

  • Stand on edge of step on one leg with knee straight
  • Fingers on wall for balance
  • Go up and down with heel, keeping knee straight
  • Go through full range with a smooth movement
  • Build up to 3 X 25
  • Do daily after running

(Once this becomes easy, you can make it more plyometric on alternate days by going for speed upwards)