At CSPC physiotherapy clinic, Leeds, we aim to deliver the highest levels of expert care to those who need our help in order to return all our clients to their best, as quickly as possible, so they can live their lives pain-free and achieve their goals.

Everyone is totally professional and treat the whole person !!! Several members of my family have been recipients of fantastic treatment at the clinic…. with life changing results ! ( no exaggeration) . So much is achieved during each hour long treatment. No stone is left unturned. Cathryn Miller

I have been so impressed with Alison’s knowledge and expertise. Rather than homing in on the area of symptoms Alison has addressed the multiple issues I have with advice on stretching, mobilising and strengthening exercises and with effective (if somewhat uncomfortable!) hands on treatment. Helen Burrell, 2018

Dear Claire, thanks for physio, it did the trick. Since my 3rd session on Tuesday last week, I have done the Harewood Estate circular walk these times, non-stop each time. This morning I found that I could jog part of the way. It’s wonderful to feel fully mobile again, many, many thanks. John Sturges, 2018

All prospective clients need to know is this: What the CSPC team can do is nothing short of miraculous! It wasn’t long at all before my sense of feeling, balance, and running were all improving and then a breakthrough came with my running times suddenly dropping and with that the ability to run injury free on a sustainable basis at levels over 40 miles per week, and 10k times down to 7 min mile pace.

Do you have a Personal Trainer?

CSPC physiotherapists can liaise with your Personal Trainer or Coach to ensure you are getting the best from your workouts whilst remaining injury free.

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Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapists use a number of techniques including sports massage to help prevent and resolve many aches and pains whether these are acute or chronic conditions.

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At CSPC we have a multi-disciplinary team under one roof. Podiatrist Hannah Watkinson holds monthly clinics at CSPC

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CSPC Full Body MOT

Whether you are a Runner, a Cyclist, CrossFit athlete or someone who wants to get the best out of their body, CSPC offers a 90-minute Full Body MOT service.

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Finding the cause, solving the problem

We are dedicated to seeking out the root cause of your problem and delivering effective individualised treatment plans to get you back to your best.

All our appointments are a minimum of 1 hour long

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To book an appointment please call 0113 2750606 and speak to a memebr of our admin team who will book you in with a therapist experienced in treating your injury and sport or activity.