About CSPC

At CSPC we aim to deliver the highest levels of expert care to those who need our help in order to live their lives pain-free and achieve their goals. We will strive to return all our clients to their best, as quickly as possible, so they can live their lives to the full.

Clinic directors Alison Rose and Graeme Everard and team of physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists, work with the following core values in mind:

Back to your best as quickly as possible

We strive to get you back to your best as quickly as possible; it is our aim to see you on the road to recovery in 3 appointments.

If you or your physiotherapist is not seeing an improvement within three appointments, they will revise your treatment plan by seeking advice from other members of the CSPC team, referring you to one of our network of experts, or suggesting the inclusion of one of our specialist services.

Finding the cause, solving the problem

We are dedicated to seeking out the root cause of your problem and delivering effective individualised treatment plans to get you back to your best.

All our appointments are a minimum of 1 hour long, this ensures that your physiotherapist is able to:

  • Iisten to you properly
  • carry out a thorough whole body assessment
  • work to identify the root cause of your issue
  • devise an individualised treatment plan
  • undertake hands on treatment
  • provide you with exercises and advice to help you to make progress between treatments

Elite level physiotherapy for all

Shaped from our experience in the treatment of elite athletes, we have a passion for applying the same treatment philosophy for all our clients, regardless of their walk of life.

It is true that our high profile successes are in returning injured athletes to medal winning positions, but quite often our proudest moments come from elsewhere. We take pride in using our skills and expertise to deliver life improving results for all our clients – whatever your walk of life, we want you to be your best.

Constantly challenging ourselves to be our best

We are continually training, challenging and developing ourselves to ensure we are at the leading edge of our profession and able to offer you the very best in physiotherapy care.

Best practice in physiotherapy is constantly evolving; we structure internal and external training for our whole team to ensure we never stop learning.

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