The Team

Karen is a clinical specialist podiatrist, with 17 years of experience of working with national and international athletes. Karen provides biomechanical assessment and prescribes orthotic insoles where required, to help reduce lower limb malalignment, originating from poor foot biomechanics. This helps to alleviate foot pain, improves foot function and helps to improve performance.

Alison worked alongside Karen for six years in Edinburgh, at FASIC, the University of Edinburgh Fitness Assessment and Sports Injuries Clinic. After the Carnegie Sports Injury Clinic opened four years ago, Karen was invited to work as the consultant specialist podiatrist, as it is impossible to provide a comprehensive sports medicine service without her level of expertise. Karen has proved invaluable over the last few years, with her advice and provision of functional orthotics.

The best singer amongst us, Karen is a stickler for having the kettle on at 9.45 for a cup of tea when she arrives, and woe betide if we forget. Her orthotics are so good we have lost many of our clients who are now running injury free. A genius at foot and lower limb biomechanics, we couldn’t operate without her and she is an integral part of the team. As a consultant, she travels down from Edinburgh, and has just increased her hours out of necessity as she was becoming so sought after.

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