Learn to, Love to Run

Join Alison Rose, physiotherapist to Jessica Ennis-Hill,
on her Learn to, Love to Run course

On this 5-week course, CSPC clinic director Alison Rose will give you the tools to feel and look good when you run, giving you a better chance of sticking to a run programme whilst remaining injury free.

Complete beginner or starting up again after a break? The Learn to, Love to Run course will boost your running confidence so you can enjoy the experience.

Week 1 – Strength & Conditioning (S&C) for runners

Essential exercises to ensure your muscles are firing on all cylinders to prepare your body to feel good when you run and help prevent niggles stopping you in your tracks.

Our bodies can be lazy and under use certain muscle groups and over compensate elsewhere. Alison will share with you her key S&C exercises, to ensure your body is prepared to run, with all of your muscles firing and working their best for you. This will help you feel better when you run and help prevent any injuries.

Week 2 – Stretches for runners

Essential stretches that help maintain body alignment and posture so you can enjoy running without feeling restricted. Learn what static and dynamic stretches are and when or when not to stretch.

Stretching doesn’t have to be over-complicated or a chore; Alison will keep it simple and share with you her key stretches for your main muscle groups and advise when it’s best for you to stretch.

Week 3 – Self-help for runners

Alison’s self-massage techniques will teach you the skills to release tight muscles and help to keep you on the road.

Foam rollers, tennis balls, spikey balls, hockey balls – it’s a minefield. Alison will share with you her favourite self massage techniques and tools including her ‘DIY peanut’ to release lower back tightness.

Week 4 – Beginners running drills

Would you like to look and feel better when you run? Do you avoid being seen when out running?! Learn basic running drills to improve your running form and show off your running style!

Alison will share with you basic running drills; which are dynamic movements to help activate your running muscles, prevent injury and develop your running style giving you the confidence to run free! Train your body to move in the right way to run healthily.

Week 5 – Running session at Carnegie athletics track

You’ve practised the S&C, stretches and running drills and are now ready to put your new skills to the test. Join Alison at Leeds Beckett University Carnegie athletics track and complete a running session.

Alison will guide you through a full warm up including S&C activation exercises, stretches and running drills before setting an achievable running session, which you will complete as a group.  Advice on how you can gradually increase your running programme and set running goals will also be discussed.

The Learn to, Love to Run 5-week course starts Monday 15th January, 7 – 8pm 

To book your place, call and speak to a member of the admin team. Course numbers are limited so call 0113 2750606 so not to be dissapointed.

A £60 fee will be payable to guarantee your place on The 5-week course.

Course attendees must be available each consecutive Monday evening.