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Coach House Sports Physiotherapy Clinic specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of complex and sports injuries. Alongside physiotherapy treatment the clinic also offers specialist services including Sports Massage, Acupuncture, Full Body MOT’s, Running Technique Assessments, Podiatry Consultations and  consultations in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Why Coach House Sports Physiotherapy?

Are you aiming to ‘get better yesterday’?
We aim to get you better faster by addressing the root of your injury…

Do you want to get back in action as soon as possible?
Injury Prevention is the key to consistency of training and to performance, whatever the level you are training and competing at. It is also the key to keeping you out of the treatment room!

Are you painfully aware that every day of training that you miss, your competitors may not be?
We treat elite athletes and teams with exactly the same issues as you have and we deliver for these clients at the highest level.

Do you have one injury after another resulting in a continual adaptation of training and racing goals?
We have chosen as a clinic to specialise in sports and chronic injury issues.

Do you feel that you are getting nowhere with your aches, pains and injuries and are looking for a long term, permanent solution?

We have many different treatment options available to address your injury issues.

Would you just like to get better at the sport you do?
We work with international athletes in many sports.